Feedbacks from students

“Kent is an incredibly kind and wonderful teacher. He doesn't just teach English; he also shares fascinating insights about Hawaiian culture and language. His lessons are always engaging and informative.”

“An experienced tutor always encourages you to speak more. And Kent has very great pronunciation, which I learn a lot from him. Gives me confidence to practice English and Japanese in our class. 很棒的老師, 很細心且熱情地在教學, 很喜歡向Kent學習”

“He has a clear voice and can also speak Japanese. I feel relaxed and am able to take the lesson.”

“Kent is a good teacher. His lesson makes me laugh and relax. Also you will get new things from his conversation. I enjoy his lesson every time.:)”

“He is friendly and kind, always encourages me to speak!”

“Kent is a caring, calm, and intelligent tutor who makes me motivated. I'm grateful to meet him through Cambly because he's such a great person, not only as a teacher.”

“The teacher has a warm and friendly demeanor, and patiently listens even when students are struggling to find the right words, making it easy to feel safe and trust in focusing on the lesson. Furthermore, the follow-up before and after lessons is very thorough, not only confirming the needs of the lesson but also providing a wealth of information on related topics. It's a wonderful teacher who encourages continuing English learning and inspires through engaging conversation.”